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Monday, April 27, 2015

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What is the WGVU ClubHouse?
WGVU ClubHouse Logo
This annual membership is just for kids who are members of WGVU TV and radio. Thousands of children belong to the ClubHouse, ranging in age from 10 and under.
What are the benefits of the WGVU ClubHouse?
WGVU ClubHouse Welcome Card and Glasses
Members are welcomed by celebrating their birthdays with birthday cards and gifts from the station and local businesses! Advance mailings let you know about station-sponsored activities of interest to WGVU ClubHouse members - like Kids Day at the Zoo.

We're excited to offer several events throughout the year for our ClubHouse members to enjoy. We love to meet our members in person, so watch your mail for upcoming invitations and check this web site often for more information.
How to join the WGVU ClubHouse
Adults who pledge at the $60 level or higher may enroll up to five children in the WGVU ClubHouse.* You can sign-up your children, grandchildren, kids in your class or daycare, children you baby-sit—any child who would enjoy belonging to something fun!

When you make your pledge of support to WGVU, you will receive a sign-up form in the mail with your pledge statement or simply download the form HERE and mail it in with your pledge of support. Be sure to included the full name, birth date and mailing address of all the children you wish to sign-up for the WGVU ClubHouse.

It's so easy to become a member of WGVU, just click HERE or call 616-331-6666, toll free at 800-442-2771!

*Additional children may be included for a fee of $10 per child. All ClubHouse welcome materials will be sent to you to distribute to your children (to save on postage). If you have children who live far away, please note on your sign-up form that you would like the welcome material mailed to them directly. All other ClubHouse correspondence, including birthday cards and invitations are mailed directly to the ClubHouse members themselves.

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